Smartphones Manufacturers Pressurised To Hide Privacy Settings: Google

By | June 4, 2021

Google has recently observed that it has been made a bit difficult to check the location settings. Through this process, the privacy settings were made impossible to understand.

Google Pressurising The Smartphone Manufacturers

As per recent blogs, it was confirmed that Google could collect the location data even if the location-sharing is turned off. Recently Google has pressured LG and a few other brands to hide settings, making the privacy options impossible to find.

Google has also shown the data on how users were using these privacy settings to the manufacturers.It was also heard through the court documents that some of the manufacturers were confused about how the privacy settings are working.

The former Vice-president was looking at google maps, to which he said that it is the only way to figure out the user’s work and home locations.It was also expected that private information could be in the hands of Apple, which is not appropriate for Google.

However, Google has now tested through some Android devices to get the locations and head towards the privacy settings. However, when the users were looking at the privacy settings, Google found out that this a problem that needs to be resolved.
This document also stated that How Google uses Wifi and several applications to get the user’s location.

To this whole act, people reacted a lot and took this matter to the court that Google is allegedly using our data and tracking our locations, to which the court replied that “you cannot stop Google from tracking your data and location“. However, the court cannot take any action towards it unless it harms you in any way.

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