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Smartphones Manufacturers Pressurised To Hide Privacy Settings: Google

Google has recently observed that it has been made a bit difficult to check the location settings. Through this process, the privacy settings were made impossible to understand. Google Pressurising The Smartphone Manufacturers As per recent blogs, it was confirmed that Google could collect the location data even if the location-sharing is turned off. Recently… Read More »

Dogecoin And It’s Trading

Bitcoin has a popular platform that is coin base, and recently, it was announced that users can now trade Dogecoin through coin base. Bitcoin is a form of electronic trading, and it requires a particular platform to sell; previously, Dogecoin has been launched that can now be traded through a coin base. Coinbase Trading Crypto… Read More »

Matter: A New Smart Home Standard

The Matter has made smart homes easier by linking several devices and making work effortless. CHIP is a smart home manufacturer that has made Amazon, Apple, Google, and Samsung and has linked their connectivity to make it easier. Matter In 2019, different smart device manufacturers decided to collaborate to create a smart home device that… Read More »

Apple Airpod Pro Might Support Fitness Tracking

It is heard that Apple is working to advance the Airpod Pro, and rumors have confirmed that it might include a fitness tracking option in a $249 Airpod Pro. This fitness tracking would be done through health sensors which would be included in earbuds. Release Date Of Airpod Pro It is heard through Bloomberg by… Read More »

Answering iPhone Calls Through Siri.

There are some situations in which you can not use your hands while picking up calls, Like your hands are dirty or driving. The iPhone has come up with a feature that allows you to pick up calls through Siri while wearing headphones. Previously Siri announces the caller’s name, but you have to touch the… Read More »