Apple Airpod Pro Might Support Fitness Tracking

By | May 22, 2021

It is heard that Apple is working to advance the Airpod Pro, and rumors have confirmed that it might include a fitness tracking option in a $249 Airpod Pro. This fitness tracking would be done through health sensors which would be included in earbuds.

Release Date Of Airpod Pro

It is heard through Bloomberg by Mark Gurman that Apple Airpod Pro with fitness tracking would launch in 2022. They stated that ” The Airpod has come up with the first change after October 2019 which is the fitness tracking feature in Airpods”.

Advanced AirPods

With the advanced feature of fitness tracking in Airpod Pro, Apple should also introduce entry-level Airpods.

However, the stem of the AirPod should be a bit shorter, and a similar design as Airpod pro should be given in third-generation AirPods.

It is stated that “ the new airpods will come up with a new design that is a shorter stem of AirPod with a new design of the case”.
Moreover, it is also heard that Apple is planning to add more colors to the $549 Airpod Max.

Apple And Beats Earbuds

The advancement among the new earsets does not stop here; Apple is also working hard to launch beat studio buds. It is expected that the new Beats earbuds will end the stem from earpeices and make it fit for the ears like Bragi dash wireless earbuds.

It is heard that these new earpieces will come with a charging case. However, they should use Apple Siri for pairing several devices and using the feature of noise cancellation, just like Airpods. Although there is not any specific date for these Earbuds announced, it is expected that they will launch the Beats Studio Buds in June.

Beats has been the most significant Apple’s acquisition until now, which is for $3billion in 2014. It is also heard that Apple has hired the Android and HTC hardware design veteran Scott Croyle to look at the beat design.

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