Answering iPhone Calls Through Siri.

By | May 20, 2021

There are some situations in which you can not use your hands while picking up calls, Like your hands are dirty or driving. The iPhone has come up with a feature that allows you to pick up calls through Siri while wearing headphones.

Previously Siri announces the caller’s name, but you have to touch the phone to pick up the call. Recently Apple has come up with this feature that allows you to answer the call by your voice.

Activating This Feature

This process need some steps, that are as follows;

  • Allow Siri to call out the name while someone is calling you
  • Head towards Settings.
  • Scroll down towards phone.
  • Click on Announce Calls.
  • There are several options available to enable this feature clock on headphone only or headphone and Car.

Ensure that the following options are enabled;

  • Head towards Settings
  • Click on Siri and Search
  • Allow Siri when locked

Siri has now been enabled to answer your calls through your voice. This feature has made its debut in iOS14.5 and only works if you have an updated iOS version.

How To Use This?

If you listen to music and receive a call, the music you are listening to will stop automatically. Siri announces the caller’s name with an updated feature, and then you have to say answer or decline.

Compatible With All Headphones

This feature is compatible with all those headphones that support Siri. The devices that are compatible with Siri are;

Apple has made its devices more premium and flagship by adding up to so many features that have made work easier. These features have benefited Apple users a lot, providing a premium feel of the device. However, each update varies as per the iOS version.

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