Youtube to MP3 Convertor

If you’re a YouTube user and you’re trying to convertidor de youtube a mp3 audio, this article is perfect for you. We’re going to give you a step by step illustration on how you can convert any YouTube Video song into an mp3 file using a third-party conversion website.

Although there are many websites offering this YouTube to Mp3 conversion, but the steps to convertisseur youtube mp3 are the same and are shown below:


● Visit the official website of YouTube and find the content you desire to do the video to Mp3 conversion for by searching for the name of that video on the YouTube search bar.
● Once you find the video, open the video and copy the entire URL of that video from the URL bar at the top of the screen.
● Open any third-party application or website of YouTube to Mp3 converter and paste the copied link in the empty box available on the screen.
● Select the type of format you want the video to convert in. For example, click on “Format” and select “Mp3.”
● Hit “Convert Video.”
● It is recommended to wait for a minute or two (depending on the speed of your connection) and let the process run its course.
● Once the file is successfully converted, you can download it by clicking on the “Download Audio” option.
● When the download is completed, open the file, play it on your song player, and enjoy offline listening.

Smartphones Manufacturers Pressurised To Hide Privacy Settings: Google

Google has recently observed that it has been made a bit difficult to check the location settings. Through this process, the privacy settings were made impossible to understand.

Google Pressurising The Smartphone Manufacturers

As per recent blogs, it was confirmed that Google could collect the location data even if the location-sharing is turned off. Recently Google has pressured LG and a few other brands to hide settings, making the privacy options impossible to find.

Google has also shown the data on how users were using these privacy settings to the manufacturers.It was also heard through the court documents that some of the manufacturers were confused about how the privacy settings are working.

The former Vice-president was looking at google maps, to which he said that it is the only way to figure out the user’s work and home locations.It was also expected that private information could be in the hands of Apple, which is not appropriate for Google.

However, Google has now tested through some Android devices to get the locations and head towards the privacy settings. However, when the users were looking at the privacy settings, Google found out that this a problem that needs to be resolved.
This document also stated that How Google uses Wifi and several applications to get the user’s location.

To this whole act, people reacted a lot and took this matter to the court that Google is allegedly using our data and tracking our locations, to which the court replied that “you cannot stop Google from tracking your data and location“. However, the court cannot take any action towards it unless it harms you in any way.

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Dogecoin And It’s Trading

Bitcoin has a popular platform that is coin base, and recently, it was announced that users can now trade Dogecoin through coin base. Bitcoin is a form of electronic trading, and it requires a particular platform to sell; previously, Dogecoin has been launched that can now be traded through a coin base.

Coinbase Trading

Crypto requires electronic trading to be performed. Recently through a blog, coin base announced that users can now start trading Dogecoin from June 3. This advancement was made and spread to people through a blog.

It is also stated that only Coinbase pro account users would be allowed to do dogecoin trading, and the rest would not be entertained.

Initially, Coinbase has only allowed transfers of Dogecoin rather ten purchasing it. The users can buy Dogecoin from regular currency and trade if they have a noticeable amount of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is known as one of the volatile cryptos, and in some cases, it might be a dangerous trade. Coinbase warned the users that it could halt the trading if the given amount of Dogecoin did not meet the requirements.


Dogecoin was established back in 2013 as a cryptocurrency, initially which was the reason for many jokes. People did not believe either in name or the benefits it could provide. Later in 2020, Dogecoin became the main reason for memes and gathered the market over the internet.

Initially, Dogecoin has high-market capitalization, and many people believed that this coin is over-valued. Despite such claims and allegations, Dogecoin keeps on rising in its price.

Gradually Dogecoin has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms, and people started setting goals to buy this $1 coin. Many celebrities, including Elon Musk, also appreciated Dogecoin’s market.

As soon as people started buying Dogecoin, it reached another level of expectation which led to a 13,600 percent rise in the past year.Sooner coin base also decided to start exchange and purchase and trading of Dogecoin through this platform.

Coinbase has made it easier for people by bringing Dogecoin to mainstream traders. Coinbase also encourages beginners to invest in Dogecoin.

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Matter: A New Smart Home Standard

The Matter has made smart homes easier by linking several devices and making work effortless. CHIP is a smart home manufacturer that has made Amazon, Apple, Google, and Samsung and has linked their connectivity to make it easier.


In 2019, different smart device manufacturers decided to collaborate to create a smart home device that connects various devices to make work effortless. This process is also known as Connected Home that unites the device communication and enables the smart home devices to work properly.

The question arises why all the companies require a similar smart home communication option. It is because a situation occurs that are incompatible devices. Many brands and devices work within their defined ecosystems, and that limits several devices.

Linking different companies will allow major brands to connect through smart home applications and will benefit its users.Collaborating so many companies also created a unified database that allows several brands to connect to smart homes.

The Matter has focused on the following aspects, which are;

  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Interoperability

The Matter has planned to put their logo on the device as a symbol of branding. It is expected that Matter would be launched in the market at the end of 2021.

Matter For Consumers

Matter has aimed to provide a device that allows every device to connect to the smart home application for consumers. The Users do not have to care about which specific device to use for our smart home application.

Matter has also introduced products that are better with all aspects and have an enhanced operating system that works as fluid. They have worked on the simplification that has provided a more decent look at the devices and works more efficiently.

Matter For Retailers

Matter has also benefited the retailers that the consumers do not have to move to several markets to get different products. Matter has made its device enabled as a one-stop-shop which initially means that the number of potential customers will increase, which will lead to profitability.

Matter For Manufacturers

Manufacturers are moving towards more compatible devices. They have produced more streamlined products through standard internet protocol.

Devices That Will Work With Matter

Every device that works on certain technology from Tv’s and computers to light and AFn your whole house can be a smart home. You can turn it off and on and change channels through your mobile phones. All this can happen through connecting Matter devices.

Matter As Future Smart Home

The future is all technology-based, and so as the homes are moving towards advanced technologies. Many companies like Matter have come up with the idea of making your home a smart home that can be maintained and controlled through your mobile phones. Installing a single device can control your home properly with the best connectivity of devices.

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Apple Airpod Pro Might Support Fitness Tracking

It is heard that Apple is working to advance the Airpod Pro, and rumors have confirmed that it might include a fitness tracking option in a $249 Airpod Pro. This fitness tracking would be done through health sensors which would be included in earbuds.

Release Date Of Airpod Pro

It is heard through Bloomberg by Mark Gurman that Apple Airpod Pro with fitness tracking would launch in 2022. They stated that ” The Airpod has come up with the first change after October 2019 which is the fitness tracking feature in Airpods”.

Advanced AirPods

With the advanced feature of fitness tracking in Airpod Pro, Apple should also introduce entry-level Airpods.

However, the stem of the AirPod should be a bit shorter, and a similar design as Airpod pro should be given in third-generation AirPods.

It is stated that “ the new airpods will come up with a new design that is a shorter stem of AirPod with a new design of the case”.
Moreover, it is also heard that Apple is planning to add more colors to the $549 Airpod Max.

Apple And Beats Earbuds

The advancement among the new earsets does not stop here; Apple is also working hard to launch beat studio buds. It is expected that the new Beats earbuds will end the stem from earpeices and make it fit for the ears like Bragi dash wireless earbuds.

It is heard that these new earpieces will come with a charging case. However, they should use Apple Siri for pairing several devices and using the feature of noise cancellation, just like Airpods. Although there is not any specific date for these Earbuds announced, it is expected that they will launch the Beats Studio Buds in June.

Beats has been the most significant Apple’s acquisition until now, which is for $3billion in 2014. It is also heard that Apple has hired the Android and HTC hardware design veteran Scott Croyle to look at the beat design.

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Answering iPhone Calls Through Siri.

There are some situations in which you can not use your hands while picking up calls, Like your hands are dirty or driving. The iPhone has come up with a feature that allows you to pick up calls through Siri while wearing headphones.

Previously Siri announces the caller’s name, but you have to touch the phone to pick up the call. Recently Apple has come up with this feature that allows you to answer the call by your voice.

Activating This Feature

This process need some steps, that are as follows;

  • Allow Siri to call out the name while someone is calling you
  • Head towards Settings.
  • Scroll down towards phone.
  • Click on Announce Calls.
  • There are several options available to enable this feature clock on headphone only or headphone and Car.

Ensure that the following options are enabled;

  • Head towards Settings
  • Click on Siri and Search
  • Allow Siri when locked

Siri has now been enabled to answer your calls through your voice. This feature has made its debut in iOS14.5 and only works if you have an updated iOS version.

How To Use This?

If you listen to music and receive a call, the music you are listening to will stop automatically. Siri announces the caller’s name with an updated feature, and then you have to say answer or decline.

Compatible With All Headphones

This feature is compatible with all those headphones that support Siri. The devices that are compatible with Siri are;

Apple has made its devices more premium and flagship by adding up to so many features that have made work easier. These features have benefited Apple users a lot, providing a premium feel of the device. However, each update varies as per the iOS version.

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How To Use An Outlook App On Smartphones?

Back in 1996, Hotmail was first launched independently, and later on, it was purchased by Microsoft and worked under the tag of Hotmail. In 2012, it was renamed Window live Hotmail or simply Microsoft Outlook. This site claims to have over 400 million active users. 

Outlook offers many features, including CalendarContactsBills paymentTravel Reminder, and Outlook application. Here in this article, we will restrict our discussion to the use of Outlook apps on smartphones. 

Procedure To Use Outlook App On Smartphones

The general procedure to use Outlook apps on smartphones for Office 365,, and many other Microsoft products is the same. So if you still have not downloaded the app, then visit the play store and download the latest version of the Microsoft Outlook app. By following the following steps, one can easily set up its email on the Outlook app. 

  1. Install Microsoft Outlook app from Google Play Store or App Store and tap on ‘Get started‘ if you are using an Outlook app for the first time.

Note: If you want to add another email, then open Settings from the menu and then click on ‘Add another account’ to proceed further to give login information like username and password.

  1. Now Outlook will automatically detect your Gmail accounts, and to add them, tap on ‘Google connect account.’ Confirm it by tapping on ‘OK.’ Now, if you are not interested in adding these accounts or don’t want Outlook to access your account, then skip and proceed with step 4. 
  1. Now select the account that you want to add and then click on ‘Add Account,’ here you will be asked to log in. Also, a popup will appear that asks you to allow offline access and other prompts. Here you can also add other accounts or may skip. 
  1. Here you will be asked to enter your email address, so enter your email address and ‘Continue.’ Set up your Exchange manually or set up an IMAP or POP account if you were asked to choose your provider. 
  1. In the next step, simply add your email account and password. Then tap on ‘Sign in‘ and proceed further. The user interface may look different depending upon your provider. 
  1. In the last step, verify your identity if the multi-factor authentication is enabled. 

It is very simple to use an Outlook app, and you can easily set up your account by following the procedure. If you are still confused, then you can visit the Microsoft Outlook website or its help center. 

G2GMovies Reviews and Best Sites like G2G Movies

Still looking for some online movies and tv shows streaming websites but did not find them on the internet then don’t worry about it.

In this article, I am going to share the working website called G2Govies which is trusted by millions of users from all over the world. Their mostly content is based on old and new released movies and tv shows, so if you want to watch old movies or latest released tv shows then this website is definitely going to help you.

What is a G2G Movie?

G2G Movie is another online movies streaming platform which you can use to watch online movies and TV shows without paying a single amount of money. This website comes with many features. Most importantly you will get every movie and TV show in high quality, so you will never get bored while watching movies and will get the same experience as you get in theater.

Different Types of categories are available on this website and some of them include Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventurous, Thrilling, Action, and Romantic, etc. Just browse any of your favorite categories and start watching your movie within a single click.

On the top right corner of this site, you will get a search bar option. This search bar option will get you to get any of your favorite movies or TV shows without spending more time on this website. So if you are in a hurry and know the exact name of your movie or TV shows then this search bar is best for you.

Just search for your favorite movie and start enjoying streaming within a minute. You will also get multiple servers which help users to watch any movies without getting any buffering or loading issues.

Best Alternatives to G2GMovies

Following are the list of alternatives which our team compiled after testing hours and hours on them. So if you are looking for some alternatives then these will be going to blow your mind.

  1. Spacemov –
  2. Putlocker
  3. SolarMovies
  4. M4ufree – (
  5. MrPiracy
  6. FMovies
  7. CouchTuner
  8. Vumoo

Key Features

Download: You can also download your favorite movies or TV shows on this website. Also, you don’t need to create an account or to provide any of your personal information in order to download any content from the website.

Interface: The design of this website is simple and easy to use. No matter if you are a new user or an old one, you will definitely find your favorite movies with less time.

Multiple Server: Its multiple server feature helps the user to watch any movies or TV shows without buffering issues. This feature also increases the user experience.

No Sign Up: In order to watch any movies or TV show you don’t need to signup on this website. Every type of content on this website is free and remains free forever.

Search Bar: You will get the search bar on the top right corner of this website. This feature helps the user to find their favorite movie or TV shows within a single click.

Is G2GMovies Safe and Legal?

As everyone knows, these online streaming websites do not host any content on their website. They upload all these movies and TV shows on different hosting which help them to protect their website. But if they are not hosting any content on their website it does not matter they are legal websites.

All of these websites are illegally providing and uploading these providing without buying any official license. But Don’t worry if you are using these websites just for watching movies and TV shows then you can use them without any problem and you are legal and safe to use these sites.

Final Verdict

I hope after reading this article you will get free alternatives to G2GMovies. G2GMovies is one of the best platforms which you can use to watch any movies or TV serials without paying a single amount of money. Don’t forget to use any ad blocker before using any of these websites.

In the end, don’t forget to tell us which alternative you are going to try first and which movies you are going to watch via the comment section…